Shao Shan Farm

Shao Shan Farm is a 5.5-acre farm that specializes in growing certified organic Asian heritage vegetables for API chefs, grocers, and community in the San Francisco Bay area. Our cool, coastal summers in West Marin county allow us to grow exceptionally high quality gailaan, gai choi, choi sum, napa cabbage, scallions, chrysanthemum greens, dry farmed kabocha, and much more all season long.

The core values that shape the farm are ecological land stewardship and justice and solidarity for workers throughout the food system. We believe that truly climate resilient agriculture starts with racial equity and reallocation of land to communities of color.

About the farmer

Scott Chang-Fleeman started Shao Shan Farm as an apprentice at the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, learning to grow gailaan, dong gua, long beans, and choy sum in the alleys between the farm’s orchards and greenhouses after work hours. Growing up biracial and as a fourth generation Los Angeleno, Scott found agriculture to be an effective container for processing his mixed heritage identity and disconnection from the land. Everyday he farms so that there is access to high quality, organic, and culturally relevant produce for Asian-American consumers in the Bay Area. When he’s not farming you can find Scott organizing community potlucks for the Asians of West Marin, line cooking in Point Reyes, or walking his dog on the beach!

2020 Summer CSA Now Open

Certified organic Asian vegetables and more